Prospects of using JavaScript for MIDI applications with Patchbox OS


What are the prospects of using JavaScript for various MIDI applications under a Patchbox OS Linux distro?

Why JavaScript? Because I’m a front-end developer (Node, React, Angular, Vue etc) so it’s my day job and I’m much more likely to complete music projects using it and complete them ten times faster … so I can get on with actually making music at some point :laughing:

I don’t know much about JavaScript on Linux. I know Node.js runs on it and presumably the various browsers on the platform are JavaScript enabled.

Why Patchbox OS? Because the Pisound shield looks really interesting and I’d like to play around with that.

I’ve played around with a stock Raspberry PI and Python but Python drives me bananas.


If you’re aware of MIDI APIs for JavaScript, chances are they’ll work on Patchbox OS / Linux too. :slight_smile:

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Yup, I was Googling JavaScript MIDI libraries last night and d’oh! Of course, Web MIDI api.

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