New to Patchbox, have not newbie questions

Hello, new to patchbox. Been struggling to get set up, but now I am here. My goal is to get a Setup for my RPi that will control my midi guitar pedalbox/sound card and my Mustang amp. This is purely an experiment, but the various components exist for me to try.

I came to patchbox because that appeared to be the best suited distro for the task. Now I have two questions.
First, getting up and running on my RPi4 8gig required a kernel swap to the RPi mainline. Have I just lost half the reason for choosing this distro by giving up the RT kernel?

Second, what is the best practice for installing audio software? Can I just use apt and install what I want, or is the Module system going to interfere? I need to test out configurations to prove out what can be done. I don’t mind building a module once I know what to do, but I need to be able to test a configuration and then build a module around it. What’s the best practice for this?


Not really, see this FAQ here: Do I need a realtime kernel to use realtime scheduling? | JACK Audio Connection Kit

Use Jack audio backend whenever possible. Patchbox OS has it preconfigured to be as shareable between users and software as possible. Then everything will play nicely together. Use Patchage or jack_lsp and jack_connect commands to manage software and hardware signal connections.

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