Possible to use Patchbox OS to convert midi for controller?

Hey good people.

What is the best way to transform/convert midi messages from a dj midi controller in order to map them to my Digitakt? I was planning to use my raspberry pi to do this as the midi hub. All my midi devices use usb so its convenient to connect them all to the pi’s 4 usb ports.

I have a Digitakt as my main music making device. I want to do more control of it during performances. I have a couple of DJ midi controllers that I want to experiment connecting to the Digitakt.

If I was using a DAW like Ableton I would be able to “learn” a midi control from the dj controller and map it to a parameter on the digitakt.

Here are a few of the conversions I am trying to achieve, to give you an idea:

  • [di midi controller] cross fader = volume control of external mixer in [Digitakt]
  • [dj midi controller] button on = set external mixer delay to 0 [Digitakt]
  • [dj midi controller] button off = set external mixer delay to 127 [Digitakt]

Am I dreaming that a Raspberry pi and some programming/scripting could do this?
Or do I need to look into getting some hardware like the FaderFox UC4 Faderfox UC4 or perhaps the Midihub from Blokas?

Thanks for advice!

This should be possible to do with scripts and software, unfortunately I don’t have any particular software solution that is ready to go to point you to…

One thing to keep in mind is that any utility doing CC remapping involving Linux, ALSA, ALSA sequencer should be possible to run on Patchbox OS and Raspberry Pi OS, as long as there are ready to go binaries or the source code is available.

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thanks @Giedrius - i will keep looking for the remapping and report back if I find anything