Preset View - Showing Current Preset

Hi, it has been a while since i used MIDIHub.

I just downloaded 1.11.7

No matter which preset I load it always shows the same thing, not the current preset. I’m also struggling with the method to manage the presets and the documentation is not too clear.

For instance if I have 2 presets and I want to load each, how can I individually load them from a file or from the device for editing and then save them back to the device or file. Mostly my confusion lies in the Current Preset view which never seems to change unless I create or load a new entire file.

Hi, use Device->Load->… to switch to a particular preset on the device. Then you may save it to a file to make a backup, or just edit it and to Device->Store->Current Preset (…) to save it in place on the device.

Using Device->Store->… will overwrite the preset slot with whatever is currently shown in the editor.

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Thanks, I was able to figure it out but it is a bit counter intuitive to me.