Change Presets via MIDI

If I am using an external MIDI Sequencer - is there a way to send a Program Change or something to the MIDIHUB to change the preset to one of the 8 MIDIHUB presets at the beginning of a song? Basically I want to use MIDI to control the presets on the MIDIHUB. I don’t want to have to hit the little button on the MIDIHUB. Can you send me information on how that is done and if it can be done?

Hi Rennie,

I’ve never used myself it but I noticed this the other day, under
DeviceSettings menu

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 13.52.37

( Settings menu only available when Midihub connected)

hopefully that does the trick

welcome to Midihub, btw!

Now that is way cool. I have not received mine yet so would not have seen that but was praying it would have the ability - THANKS SO MUCH for the info.