Preset not remembered

Every time I turn on my MIDIHub it loads preset 8 and I have to manually change it to preset 6. How can I make the MIDIHub remember what preset I loaded? This issue just started happening recently; I don’t remember having to ever do this before.

Problem solved. Apparently the MIDIHub on boot loads the last preset you loaded/saved explicitly through the editor (not sure which operation actually, loading or saving?)

I must have loaded/saved Preset 8 last time I used the editor so…that’s what it was loading. Wish that wasn’t the case and that it could just remember what you loaded since I don’t usually use the editor or a computer in my setup most of the time but it’s not a big deal. I loaded/saved Preset 6 which is what I’ll want for the time being.

The last preset is remembered upon storing it to memory. Instead you can change the setting to always load preset 1, then you can use this slot in particular as your default preset.

You’ll find the setting in Device → Settings menu:

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Ah good to know. Thanks for the tip.

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