Pipeline Groups

In my daily use of the midihub I recogniced that I am missing the possibility to build groups like an ARP Group or a Filter Group.

Is it possible to implement this?

Please explain a bit more about this, is it just linking together visually a couple of rows? Or something more elaborate?

If you set a lot of pipelines as in my case I have a lot of stuff here (5 volcas, MicroFreak, Circuit …and so on) you really quickly lose track on what you allready did. So if I finshed my ARP pipeline I want to stick it into an … maybe Box or a frame that I click off an on with a + or something … if I click it off the Frames closes and I only see the Note that there is my ARP Pipeline … If I want to see whats inside I can click the + again and it opens.


Besides “Duplicate” maybe a “Copy to clipboard” or extensive/future use “Save this Line”?

What about a minimize / maximize Function for that Pipeline …

In the example @Keyman posted - I would want to the ability to save the pipes from “RANGE FLTR” to “HARMON” as a pipeline group named something like 'RANGED HARMONY" and for that pipeline group to be available in the editor under a section named ‘Pipeline Groups’ or ‘Custom Pipes’.

aside from easy reuse from patch to patch, pipeline groups would also be great for abstraction and sharing among the community. :slight_smile: