Pipe Groups Plus

  • Ability to group pipes into “Pipe groups” and then add a label to that group.
  • Ability to drag the group up or down together.
  • Ability to drag pipe lanes up and down within the group to organize it.
  • Pipe lane Labels would help too.
  • contract and expand the pipe groups to make space and bring focus to other sections

The way this would work:
you can control or shift select multiple pipes and right click and select group.
You can add a label name and color to your group.

once a group is made, you can contract it or expand it via a top expand contract icon.
if you contract it you would see a mini pipe bar with the group name and color
expand it and see your pipes. If you select the first pipe in a group, you can drag the whole pipe lane up or down.
right click the first pipe and select pipe name and it will add a label to the one pipe lane if you wish.

This would give us immediate visual feedback of our sometimes very complex set ups.
It would also let us organize our set ups by priority or sections
say tempo clock groups
Controller groups
program change groups

Thanks so much

Excellent suggestions! After a couple of years of being an under-powered user, I’ve started experimenting with polymuxing and cc controlled arps so the pipe-streams are bursting, I figure that I can either get a 55 inch monitor to view the whole project together, or find a way to set up group folders and address any issues as they arise, group by group…

I raiseda similar topic as well in a previous post and others have also. I use my midihub extensively and a single preset quickly turns into a big mess. These kinds of upgrades would be essential to navigation in ones patches! You’ve got my vote on that

This would be my top request, or some kind of collapsible folder where you can drop a load of pipes. I am currently making something similar to Theoryboard with a Launchpad Pro and MidiHub. It has 56 chains, one for each chord in C Major scale and it would be great to have that all in one collapsible group so I can forget about it once completed.

Just digging into my new-ish awesome hub and the need for collapsible groups/naming is immediately obvious to me.
At bare minimum, dividers with labeling would help.