Comment Pipeline?


Can we please have some way to comment every row? I have (for my thinking) quite complex stuff going on with 4 inputs and 4 outputs, mapping and filtering as well as routing around a lot of stuff, to be able to double use some midi channels for one time sending notes and CC to a synth but on the other time controlling the Octatrack. I try to make notes in the one description box, but as I move stuff around it is very hard to keep track of what is going on.
as my main goal is not to have daily configuration sessions but most of the time just use the MidiHub, it is very easy to loose track of everything.
a way to comment every row like you comment the header of a class or a method while programming would be really awesome!

Thanks, Jens

Hey, yes, we plan to get this done. :slight_smile:


Great idea and very welcome addition!

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This is really the only thing I’d love to see. I don’t have that much but as I figure things out I’m adding more stuff and my braincell is starting to struggle what goes where!

I have the KeyStation going to 2 channels into the S970, then to usb to a laptop, to try and log keys. Now I found ChordPadX that lets me do the chords that I struggle with, but that means I had to buy a small 25 key keyboard!

This thing should come with a spend warning because it’s costing me a fortune! :disappointed::stuck_out_tongue:

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