Newbie here - Can we have instruction vids?

Hi there,

I’m a relative newbie to both raspberry pi and electronic music (midi, etc).
I’ve played around with Sonic Pi (love it) and have a Novation Circuit Groovebox + Novation Launchpad, and a Volva Bass and am having fun with it so-far, but no in-depth knowledge.

My idea was to use the pisound to connect by Novation Circuit and/or Launchpad and/or Volca Bass to a Raspberry pi and see if I can use Sonic Pi to make music with all of these together.

As a request to the Blokas development team / community: Can we have some instructables/videos that show how to hook up / set up some basic workflows? As a newbie I am excited about what something like pisound can do, but also overwhelmed technically.


Hey, you may take a look at for some example uses, and the rest of the documentation should be useful.

To connect your gear together, you should decide on what software you’d like to use on RPi, and just set it up accordingly. You may be interested in software like aconnectgui, qjackctl, Patchage, Waveform.