Midi mapping on Pisound?

Hi, apologies if this is not the appropriate place for this question. I have never used midihub or pisound, my knowledge of their features is only from this forum.

My basic question is whether there is any 1st or 3rd party support for any midi mapping features on the pisound.

More specifically, I would like to be able to create a custom midi mapping that would probably be easy with the midi transformations on Midihub. I would like to map a 16-pad controller to elektron digitakt, using pads trigger different start points on same sample track, to create an experience more similar to chopping on mpc or other pad-based sampler.

Although i am pretty confident I could achieve this with midihub, I am curious about using the pisound instead for a few reasons.

Primarily, I would like to use with USB midi controller and afaik midihub doesn’t have USB in for midi.Beyond that, I am interested in some other features of pisound as well and already have several raspberry pi so i’m more excited about it than midihub which I don’t have so many uses for.

I am comfortable with programming so I am not scared if I don’t have nice interface like midihub editor, I just want to be able to achieve a similar result. I know at some level this is possible, I could always write a solution from scratch. I guess my main question is really whether there is some software library or tool that is known to make this type of thing easy on pisound.

Pisound could be thought of as just an audio card with MIDI and Audio I/O, provided through standard ALSA system interface. So definitely you could write your own software to make use of these features and achieve what you’re after.

I’d suggest to search for any Linux based solution for the transformation, if you find it, you’ll just have to select the Pisound’s I/O ports to be used. There’s nothing specific that has to be done for Pisound, or even Raspberry Pi, so any (open source) software based on Linux could work. :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any ready-made solution for the transformation though.

I’ve used mididings on PC for advanced purposes. It’s python based, so should work everywhere.

Just received my PiSound today :grinning:, so did not have time to fiddle around, but will definitely give it a try.

Also, most DAWs, like Reaper, for example, have MIDI programmatic frameworks for customizing the input expression for any controller. Reaper comes in 3 flavours, Linux, Windows, and OSX (Mac).

Here is a good how-to video . . .
Re-Assign MIDI Controllers (Learn) in REAPER.

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