Working on a MIDI Concertina

I’m working on a MIDI instrument,
and i want to use a Raspberry pi to get serial usb input from both Concertina Hands, i need to switch between two options :

  • if headset is plugged => MIDI in go to fluidsynth or whatever and send sound through the headset
  • else => MIDI_in1 and MIDI_in2 are sended through a MIDI_ouput cable from the PI

Do you thing Pisound and Patchbox can solve my issue ?

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Hi, there is no detection of whether something is plugged in to Pisound. Could you simply always have Fluidsynth connected to MIDI input, as well as forwarding the same MIDI input to the MIDI output?

Can add a physical switch to choose between fluidsynth audio output or MIDI output maybe.

Pisound has a button on it which you could script as needed. See here:

I can’t help with the immediate question, but I also play concertina, and use Raspberry Pis on other projects. I recently bought a PiSound to act as a synth box to my Midi concertina (, but haven’t yet got round to trying it because of other projects taking my time!

I’d be interested in hearing in future about your progress.

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