nanoKeys2 (midi via usb)

Sorry if this is a newbie question but google could not help me this time. :slight_smile:

I am trying to get my nanoKeys2 working with pi3 / raspbian / pisound / pd via usb. Without success so far. Do I need some sort of a usb2midi converter / software to get this going?

Hey, it’s probably software configuration issue - you need to try using aconnectgui to connect the MIDI on ALSA software, or if you’re using Jack, try qjackctl and its connection options. To see if the nano keys is recognized by RPi, run amidi -l and you should see it listed, if everything is ok.

Hi Giedrius. Thanks again for your help. After a lot of (newbie) fiddling and installing aconnectgui I get a blinking LED when I press a key on my keyboard. Yeah!!!

The last problem is midi with pd. I am running the test tone.pd patch. ALSA audio is fine but ALSA midi is not working. Any hints on that?.

You should try playing around with the Pure Data’s MIDI settings, it’s a bit tricky to get them right. To verify your setup, you can try running your patch using the ‘single click’ action of the button - the script attempts to connect all the currently connected MIDI hardware to the launched Pure Data instance.

If MIDI and PD works when single clicking, you can try to launch Pure Data using the same arguments as the script does here with some script specific details removed:

puredata -alsa -audioadddev pisound -alsamidi -channels 2 -r 48000 -mididev 1 -send ";pd dsp 1"

After starting it this way, you should see PureData virtual MIDI devices in aconnectgui which then you should connect as necessary.

Yeah!!! It works. Great. So far I’ve got audacity, pd, chuck, sonicpi, and carla up and running. OSC / Midi / WIFI also works great. And the sound quality is superb. Thanks a lot. I love it.