Connecting a teensy midi usb midi controller

hi, trying to get my teensy usb controller set up with my pi. i’m new to linux midi so don’t really know what i need to do to get it to show up in PD.

PD shows two midi devices:


do i need to connect my teensy device to one of these midi devices?

with my teensy usb device connected,

amidi -l gives me:

IO hw:2,0,0 Teensy MIDI MIDI 1

Do i need to do something in alsa to make the device show up in PD?


Nevermind. everything works fine when i launch a pd patch located in /usr/local/puredata-patches/ from the button.


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Hey, aconnectgui may have been the missing piece - after all the software and MIDI devices are connected, one has to manually make the virtual MIDI connections between the devices. Launching from the button automatically attempts to connect everything it finds to and from Pure Data using aconnect.

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Ok cool thank you. Good to know for future reference.