New Patchbox installation problems

I’m trying to install and properly upgrade Patchbox. It’s a fresh download on an old (Model B Rev. 2) borrowed Pi.

First thing I did was sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change --fix-missing. Then I did sudo apt-get upgrade. There were a few issues (lost to the scroll); when I tried again, I was warned of unmet dependencies. Running sudo apt --fix-broken install (as suggested) tries to install libsystemd0, python3-debconf, and systemd. Alas, it fails with complaints of “unexpected indent” and “source code string cannot contain zero bytes.”

Am I out of order or is the whole freakin’ system out of order? Am I doing something wrong? I verified the sha256 of the download.

Looks like python3-debconf doesn’t like the “+deb10u1” and the end of debconf 1.5.71, and libpam-systemd wants systemd-241-7~deb10u8+rpi1 but has systemd-241-7~deb10u4+rpi1

It could be that Raspberry Pi / Debian mirrors got broken dependencies.

You may skip updating, and just use the system as it is, or just update only the bits that you need updated to achieve your goals.