Upgrade via apt-get recommended?

Is it recommended to upgrade via apt-get? I notice that over 100 packages are held back when I try to upgrade via the patchbox command. My concern is that an apt-get upgrade might break modep or replace the patchbox os kernel.

If it’s all working fine on your system, you may choose not to update. :slight_smile:


absolutely! this should be the first IT rule :grinning:

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I agree in principle but because patchbox os is a modified raspbian system, I am not sure if apt-get would break things or if the structure of the repos is made “break proof”.

It’s compatible with apt-get, the kernel package is named ‘raspberrypi-kernel-rt’ and you can either have the regular ‘raspberrypi-kernel’ installed or the -rt one. apt-get upgrade would only update the currently installed kernel package, and ignore any updates of the other variation. Things may break after upgrading in unexpected ways anyway. :slight_smile: