Midihub not letting iconnectivity mioxl Auracle open

Trying to run Midihub and iconnectivity mioxl at the sametime separately, but if Midihub is connected Auracle will not open up just flashes on the screen for a second. If Auracle is open and I plug in Midihub via USB into my computer Auracle closes down. Any idea? I am not connecting them together, but they are sharing a couple of devices mioxl via USB only.

Hi, if Auracle is crashing, this could be a software bug in it. Midihub should not interact with it on its own in any way.

One thing to make sure of is whether you’re having enough power supply for USB devices in your setup - issues can occur when there’s too many connected without using provided power supplies or mixing in powered USB hubs. But if it’s just the 2 USB devices, it should be no problem.

Thanks for getting back will contact iconnectivity and see what they have to say as I now know the problems not with Midihub

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