Midi Panic Pipe

I’m not sure if the topic was already discussed, but I think it would be really useful to have a Panic Pipe. Sometimes I get overflows -some feedbacks that accidentally happen- and would be great to have i.e. four buttons mapped to Panic pipes in each needed output.
Just an idea.
Always thank you!

Hey, what message would the Panic pipe send when triggered? :slight_smile:

Hey Giedrius,
I haven’t the remotest idea, I’m sorry! :grimacing:
I think of it as a kind of General Reset, and for now I’m programming it by mapping a button that Enables/Disables all Pipelines that use the same output (in my case, 8 buttons in total, for my 2 Midihub).
But we can easily delete this post to avoid using space for something that doesn’t interest other users.

(Because I guess a single cc123 wouldn’t work for every device, right?)

Midihub has a configurable function for when the button is held down - it can send all notes off to selected ports when triggered for all channels, or some other command.

I guess this request would be to be able to do a similar thing, except trigger it remotely through some CC :slight_smile:

Could you see if the button hold functions would work for you?


I didn’t remember that option in settings at all! It works, and it’s very good.
Anyway, yes, what I was proposing had the added bonus of being able to triggering it remotely by sending CCs, because I guess on a gig it wouldn’t be so handy to access the Midihub button.
Thanks Giedrius!

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Did not read the docs very thoroughly.

Glad to know about the button hold function.

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