CC remap - bypass unaltered CCs

For my “Volca FM” I remap several generic controllers like Cutoff (74), Res (71), Attack (73) Release (72) etc. to Volca specific CCs which generate a similar effect. I end up with 10 CCs which are not in a group, which means I have to build 10 parallel pipes, because every CC remap selects only on specific CC and the rest is discarded. Since this is part of a bigger setup and I want to do it for other synths as well, I end up in a very long (and messi) list of parallel pipes.

My propsal: Make the CC remap ‘chainable’ with bypassing all unaltered CCs to the pipe’s output. Only the source and target CCs of the remap should be blocked, if wanted. With this feature I could build one long pipe of several ‘CC remaps’ which changes all the CCs one after another and finally ends on the respective MIDI output. The overall layout would be much cleaner.

Or have I overseen something to achieve this application in one line ?

Hey, we plan to add a dedicated pipe for such remappings which should make all of this easier and more convenient. :slight_smile:


Very much appreciated :clap:

Thanks for all the great effort.

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