Midi Controller



Modep is not received any Midi signals via USB. Could you help troubleshoot?

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Check whether your controller is recognized by running amidi -l, also refresh the UI page and check the MIDI Ports settings at the bottom of the UI.




I just got an Akai MPK Mini Play, and have it set to “internal sounds” and have it showing with your suggestion:

modep@modep:~ $ amidi -l
Dir Device    Name
IO  hw:1,0    pisound MIDI PS-3RP1Q6
IO  hw:2,0,0  MPK mini play MIDI 1

I don’t see it in the “MIDI Ports” setup. I checked all the boxes to see if it will show as an actuator but no go yet. I’ll keep reading posts and if I figure it out will post back.




Oh, I see they show on the left when checked. And the pedal appears to need to be able to accept a midi/actuator port too. I wonder how I can get this to work as an actuator.



K, I see mine is actually called “play/midi_capture_1” and the “MIDI Learn” feature is working with it. Just that the only thing that has a proper MIDI signal is the pitch shifter/actuator. None of the keys work for the actuator I want to get going, which is for Sooper Looper.

What is a good foot switch that works with SooperLooper on PiSound w/Modep?



I use a Boss FCB1010 with the Eureka EEPROM, and it behaves exactly how I’d expect it to behave. I’m able to turn 10 different effects on/off, with the LEDs staying lit when the effect is “on”. MIDI learning feature works perfect. I specifically use that pedal with a Mio MIDI in/out to USB adapter, and it’s never let me down.

2 Volumes, one before and one after after the Sooper Looper, tied to each of the foot pedals on the Behringer, is very nice to have, for what I do.