Physical Pedals with MODEP

Dunno if others found easier ways to do this. Must say, the Audiofront MIDI Expression iO (MEiO) adapter for pedals is quite a gamechanger, for me. Pretty much what MODEP needs.
Jammed during a local Drone Day event, yesterday. My pisound running MODEP had a simple pedalboard with amsynth and loopor (which is simpler than SooperLooper). Both my WX11 wind controller and a Marshall footswitch were connected to the MEiO. The MEiO was connected to the pisound box through DIN 5 MIDI (might also work through USB). The footswitch was simply activating loopor so it was easy to do realtime loops and reset them. Had only experimented for a few minutes before going to the event but it worked really well.
The MIDI Expression devices accept pretty much any kind of pedal (say, a wah pedal or an expression pedal). Will soon get some of those.

Used the same adapter with my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Works even better, in some ways, as you can change the configuration. Even tried it with the Yamaha MD-BT01 adapter for MIDI over Bluetooth (to my iPad Pro) and it worked flawlessly. Really freeing to have a soundsource connected to a PA system while you have your controller at a distance. Hard to explain why it makes a difference but it does.
Of course, Raspbian doesn’t do Bluetooth MIDi. (Right?) It still gives me a number of ideas.

Anyone using physical pedals with MODEP?


This is great, thanks for pointer!
I was wondering about USB based pedals (if they exist!) and using those as a foot trigger, but this is a much cleaner solution.

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If you have time, I would be interested in seeing a video explanation and walkthrough of your setup!


Time is of the essence…
In the meantime, I got a pretty intense dayjob, plus some teaching. But the semester is almost over and I might have a bit of free time, so I’m coming back to Pisound, in some ways.
I’ll do my best to do a kind of walkthrough. It’s actually simple enough but it’d be better to actually explain it.

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