Midi controller footswitch

I would like to control pedals on the pedalboars I’m playing with a footswitch. Do I need a specific kind of midi controller or can I buy just a random one?
Do you suggest a brand or a type of midi controller footswitch suitable with pisound?
Thank you.

FCB1010 seems to be a choice among MODEP users. You may find some other related discussions here too.

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One midi foot controller with small size but really decent in features:

Source Audio Soleman

I don’t know how much you know or need of any special kind of midi functions. But it is a really versatile pedal.

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Hello everyone, i’m very interested in getting a pisound and Modep to make to use as my pedalboard with midi controler and I want to check some details.
Did the FCB 1010 from Beringher work well with both expressions pedals working ?
Should I expect some troubles to make it work ?
I saw @whofferbert talk about it, did it work well for you ?

Hey Anthony, welcome to the forums.

The FCB1010 works fine with my MODEP setup, and still is doing what it is supposed to. Both expression pedals and all the foot switches do what they are supposed to. I use a MiO iConnectivity MIDI to USB connector to connect the pedalboard to my Pi via USB. The only big thing to note is, I swapped out the firmware chip in the FCB1010 for the Eureka firmware (EurekaPROM), so the pedals would “latch” properly and stay lit or not as I would expect from a regular pedalboard. With the original firmware chip in the FCB1010, it’s probably not going to behave how you’d want it to.

Thanks for your answer :wink:
Ok for EurekaPROM, it seems affordable in practice and price. It allows you switch Modep boards with Up/Down buttons right ?
But why the MiO iConnectivity especially with Midi ports on pisound ?

That depends on the mode of usage for the Eureka. IIRC, the up/down buttons switch the mode of the pedalboard, and I think one of those modes should have an ability to select a different pedalboard through foot switches. Perhaps the “Effects & Presets” mode? I’m not very sure, as I don’t tend to use the physical pedalboard to switch to a different virtual pedalboard in MODEP. If nothing else, I wrote a python utility, midi-cmd-server, which can be set to execute various commands depending on MIDI CC inputs. If nothing else built in works, that could be used to switch pedalboards via MIDI CC assigned to one of the 1-10 pedals.

I don’t have a real pisound unit, it’s just a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running MODEP, in an enclosure I built for it. There’s no MIDI connections on it natively, so the MiO iConnectivity is what I chose to use for that.

In a perfect world I would make 1 pedalboard per sound and switch (1 clean, 1 disto ect…) but I read about a bit of latence so…
I suppose a call of preset/snapshot of the board from switch should be enought.