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I am playing with modep to get some guitar effect processor on a raspberry pi. It is working out of the box with only some minor tweaks to use my audio card. Good job!!!

I have noticed that mod-duo has the capability to save and retrieve presets for a whole pedalboard at once. It could be a very handy feature to exploit on stage

After some fiddling on the code, i changed mod-ui/html/index.html
— a/html/index.html
+++ b/html/index.html
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
path.loadinglogo {display: none !important;}
#bank-edit #bank-addressings form.form {display: none;}
#bank-library #bank-pedalboards {top: 110px !important;}

  • #js-preset-enabler {display: none;}
  • js-preset-enabler {display: none;}

and a “Presets” button showed up on the upper bar of the web ui.

There was any actual reason for having this feature (apparently) disabled?

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Maybe I don’t understand what your asking but you can save entire pedalboaeds and recall by using ‘the button’. No need for any tweaks to the UI or code

Completely switching pedalboards requires to disconnect and remove one jack client for each effect, then add the new ones, connect them and load their default presets.

If all you need, as an example, is to lower the reverb and add some gain and overdrive during a solo you would like to quickly modify the parameters of those effects at once.

A typical live situation would be:
At the beginning of a song load the relevant pedalboard
During the execution you can change the presets of some effects, running through a predetermined list
At the end load the pedalboard relevant to the next song

It is the workflow that I have seen on the other effects/amp simulator I know, like guitarix or rakarrack

Hope I have been clear


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Yes I understand now. Obviously the transmission of concomitant midi cc values would help you out with this. I cant comment as i havent attempted that yet but check this tread a device mentioned might help with your needs. Swe below
But in realtion to first query i have know idea why this function was left out but Mapping the button to presets would be a nice feature

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