[Bug] MODEP 1.12 - Presets not saving

A couple of things I noticed in 1.12:

  • If you save a plugin’s settings as a new preset then switch to another pedal board with the same plugin that you created a saved preset for, that preset is not there. Switching back to the pedal board where you created the preset also does not show the saved preset. So it looks like saving a preset is not working?
  • I compiled and installed the IR cabsim plugin and when you change to a different cabinet IR, save the pedal board, switch to another pedal board then switch back, that plugin is not saving the selected cabinet IR. Maybe related to the first point?

No one else seeing this issue or just me?

@Giedrius @Pranciskus wondering if maybe my post slipped through the cracks? Still can’t save presets in Modep 1.12.

Hey, thank you for bringing this to our attention - the path used had to be updated, it’s fixed now since modep-mod-ui 1.12.1-1, you can get the fix by running sudo apt update && sudo apt install modep-mod-ui.


@Giedrius works great! Thanks for the fast turnaround!

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