Getting to grips with MODEP

I’m loving playing with MODEP on my new PiSound board, which arrived yesterday.

I also own a MOD DUO and was hoping to have MODEP as a spare unit that would allow a bit more experimentation.

A few quick questions…

  • There’s noticeable latency when playing through MODEP. Is there a way to adjust that down - I’m assuming with the Pi 3 I should be able to get this down a bit.

  • Is it possible to move pedalboards between the MOD DUO and MODEP? Either by copying them on memory stick, or backing up to the cloud etc?

  • MODEP understandably doesn’t have access to the MOD DUO store to download new pedals, but is there a way to install them manually?



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Hi there!

Nice to hear that you are enjoying MODEP. Please note, that it is still in an experimental stage. :slight_smile:

Regarding latency, you can start by experimenting with jack settings. Jack is launched on startup as systemd service. Take a look here:

Pedalboards are saved inside /usr/local/modep/data/pedalboards/ directory. You should be able to copy your pedalboards from MOD DUO and place them there.

Same with plugins. They are stored inside /usr/local/modep/.lv2 directory.

Thanks for the quick reply Pranciskus!

This is really useful - I was able to get the latency right down by tweaking the p parameter from 256(bytes?) down to 128 - latency barely noticeable - then down to 64, and still worked OK glitch-free - at least until I loaded it full of modelling amps and cabs to see what would happen! Think I’ll leave it at 128 for now.

I’ve not been able to work out how to get to the filing system on the Mod Duo. Does anyone know how?