Instant Pedalboards - just add MODEP


Hi, I’m new to MODEP and to multi effects pedals in general. Are there any pre configured pedalboards available for download, or would anybody be willing to make theirs available?

I believe it would make MODEP even more attractive for newbies, if they could start right away with a bunch of boards like Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk, or Band sounds like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, … you name it.

Many other open source software emulator offer these kind of presets, either as part of the software itself or as download. Any thoughts on this?



I like this idea, but I imagine it would be important to explore how different saved pedalboards behave on different hardware.

I have found that pedalboards are saved in the filesystem under /usr/local/modep/.pedalboards , and the majority of the important info lives in /usr/local/modep/.pedalboards/<pedalboard_name>.pedalboard/<pedalboard_name>.ttl

Looking at my own, the contents reference local hardware names in a few places, so that could be a problem… but if the system can just deal with that and adjust as need be, maybe there won’t be a problem?



Hi, thanks for supporting the idea and for pointing out the possible technical issues. I haven’t checked how this info is handled, so I was assuming that this could’ve been done by simply sharing config files/folders.

Let’s see if this idea gets any upvotes or supportive comments from other MODEP users, or if there’s no interest in a feature like this.



I’d be interested in putting some time into making it work, and we could probably test this fairly easily.

I archived two versions of the “general” guitar pedalboard I tend to use.
The first I mostly left as is (for my hexaphonic guitar) and the second, I removed all unusual MIDI mappings and wired it up for a monophonic system. (3.7 MB) (3.5 MB)

You can try copying those zip files to your pi, and then unzip them where MODEP expects them to be, for example:

sudo unzip -d /

You would then want to reload the MODEP UI and check your saved pedalboards.
If that works for you, that would be a good proof of concept, I think.



Just ordered my Pisound. Do the work on MODEP/Pisound? I was kinda hoping they would.



It does not work, but you can build many plugins manually, if you can find the source code. Most seem to be open source, but not all of them. :slight_smile: