Many extra plugins for MODEP

Hi! I just got pisound and was also very happy about the easiness of the MODEP environment. I felt that the default selection of plugins is a bit limited, especially in terms of synths. Pranciskus from pisound directed me to the where I found tons of extra plugins that are already compiled to work on a raspberry pi and were super easy to install, so I’m sharing it here to benefit the community! :slight_smile:

To install just download the library and copy the entire lv2 directory into /usr/local/modep/.lv2

special recommendations: plugins by TAL. TAL-Noisemaker for example is a really cool synth, although a bit heavy on the cpu.

cons: these plugins don’t come with any gui for the modep enviroment. you have to tweak them from the parameter edit mode, which can sometimes be tricky. If anyone has these plugins compiled with a gui please share it here!

still missing: Sampler. The sampler plugin doesn’t work from some reason. Looper. Arpeggiator.



Thanks for this!
Was finally able to get into MODEP and it’s actually quite neat. Agreed that the synth offerings are a bit limited, but it’s still very nice to have all this running so smoothly, out of the box, in headless mode. Particularly glad that these plugins enable MIDI Learn. Got a Yamaha WX-11 wind controller, which sends CC#2 for breath pressure. Works particularly well to modulate the cutoff frequency of a lowpass filter. Did that with the soundfonts, using an external filter. But it also works very well with the JX10 synth.
Will surely bring my pisound to a jam session soon. So, having other plugins will expand my palette.
Thanks again!

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Tried several of those. As you noted, some plugins simply don’t work (maybe related to the filesystem, folder permissions, or directory structure?). And some TAL NoiseMaker patches are quite demanding on the CPU. Get xruns on a few of those and playing with a polyphonic controller can really crank up the CPU very quickly.
OTOH, though, some of those NoiseMaker presets work really well with a monophonic source like my WX-11 wind controller (using breath control CC#2 to modulate cutoff frequency).
Never was a big fan of arpeggiators but that “Punk” ARP sounds pretty neat. Can really hear it in a live setting. Same with the Mellow Chord preset. Will try to create a few of my own patches based on these and others which sound good to my ears.
Been running into issues with user patches, but saving them as individual pedalboards is a workaround. Would be great to select those pedalboards through MIDI (or HID! Got a dancemat which could make that fun :wink: ).

Thanks yet again, @tomerb!

Went through these Zynthian plugins and, AFAICT, we can add these ones to a pedalboard and they should work as expected:

  • Avw
  • Drumsynth
  • EasySSP
  • EQinox
  • JUCE*
  • KlangFalter
  • LUFSMeter*
  • Luftikus
  • Obxd
  • StereoSourceSeparation
  • TAL*
  • The Function
  • The Pilgrim
  • Vex
  • Vocoder (Nedko)
  • Wolpertinger

While it’s possible to add Obxd, it takes a lot of CPU and causes some xruns from the start. It also doesn’t sound that distinctive in my quick test, possibly because it doesn’t have any UI.

Been having a lot of fun with TAL NoiseMaker. Might try to create UI around it.

The plugins from that Zynthian repo which didn’t work, in my tests, are:

  • Calf
  • Drumkv1
  • Glbars
  • LinuxSampler
  • samplv1
  • Zyn*

Rather interesting that the plugins associated with the Zynthian name didn’t work. Maybe they have some dependencies. which weren’t in the same LV2 folder.
Deleting the calf folder caused MODEP to freak out (huge amount of xruns from startup in an empty pedalboard). Probably referenced by another plugin from Zynthian. (Added these afterwards.

Thanks to MOD’s plugin builder (and specifically their Docker container), was also able to build and add a whole bunch of other plugins, including several which are also present in the Zynthian repo (things like Vex and Nekobi, which does have a GUI).
These extra plugins include two cool loopers, SooperLooper and Loopor. Those really enhance the MODEP experience, IMHO. Beginning to understand why guitar players are so keen on pedals.

Haven’t found a way to actually record the output of these plugins into an audio file. That could make for something even more useful.

Documented my process of adding and testing other plugins, here:

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