Modep problem with midi

hi I use a midi pedal, before I used it directly with raspbian and guitarix, only concern is that there was latency and defective audio crash problems.

So I installed modep and I wanted to try to control the pedals with my midi pedalboard, pisound reacts but nothing happens in modep, I chose for example on a “midi learn” pedal but nothing happens, how to do ?

I use this pedal

Hi, do you want it to switch the pedalboards? If I remember right, MOD software listens on some particular channel like 10 or 11, the controller is producing messages only on channel 1.

Strange because I try my 16 channels, and nothing works, I would like to be able to just cut a pedal when I play and reactivate it when I need it, but also know to completely change the modep pedals. nothing works

It won’t be usable for bypass parameter, as Control Change (or maybe Note On / Off) type messages are needed for controlling parameters. Program Change messages are useful for changing presets / pedalboards.

See Program Change on a Specific MIDI channel for info on how to change which channel MOD software listens to.

If you’re using the latest MODEP version from the latest Patchbox OS image published just yesterday, the important MODEP paths have changed, user config files are now in /var/modep and the python source code is now installed to /usr/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/mod-ui (this is from memory, it could be a similar path)

is there a new model image? because I only have this one 2018-09-11 , and if we cannot switch with a midi pedal it is problematic for this kind of software …

i tested patch but it’s too complicated, is there a new version of modep available?

From now on we’ll have a single OS image. It should be quite straightforward to get MODEP running on Patchbox OS 2020-03-14. After logging into Patchbox, go through the wizard to configure the sound card, then enable the MODEP module in the last step of the wizard, or if it’s already closed, run patchbox, go to the modules menu and then pick MODEP. Internet connection is required during the install as it has to download the software.

This allows users to have a single SD card for multiple purposes - the last activated module will autostart by default.

how to start p mode on patchbox? it was installed but cannot be found in the menu

After the module is activated, open on your computer or use whatever is the IP of the patchbox. You can find the IPs listed in the ‘info’ submenu of patchbox. http://patchbox.local may also work, depending on your computer OS.

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thank you I have to try and there is less pedal than on the original modep image, and still no possibility of controlling the pedals with a swicther, on guitarix it is possible but it is unstable, plan to be able to added this control method with switch? or to provide the Guitarix software in a + stable way?

The new version actually has more effects than previous MODEP version, and newer versions. The Program Change messages are simply not usable for controlling the Bypass parameters, those MIDI messages are not for this purpose. Check out the discussion here: Midi Controller - I think what’s discussed there is what you want, but a different controller is being used.