Beringer FCB 1010 + modep

I’m quite new here.
I own a beringer FCB 1010 and a pi4 running modep.
I’m a complete noob to midi and to modep.
Is there any kind of easy tutorial to make it work ?
Could someone help me ?
Thanks a lot for your help

Get the FCB1010 Manager to program the FCB.
Then use this config, it’s set so that the left cc-Controller will affect the selected effect (modulation, time-delay, wah-wah, amount of distortion etc.), while the right one is used as a global controller (fixed expression-id = 71)modep


Hello Stephan,
Thanks for your help, i’ll try it next week-end and let you know.

Great advice.
I yearn for a cheap FCB1010 to appear on eBay or Facebook marketplace to pair with mine.