Logic pipes request

Think I’ve seen it suggested before, but here goes again.
A logic pipe with and/or etc.
Also could Midi clock be included in the transform pipe?

What sort of logic would you like to do? Can you give some examples?

Also, what sort of transformations would you like to perform based on the MIDI clock?

I have been, let’s say “interfering” with the clocking of external gear with some success, for example with the Korg er1 It creates new grooves/patterns.
I then wondered if a similar sequencer could be created to that in the subharmonicon , but at the moment if 2 clock divided branches are outputted they are just added together eg. An original clock of 120 that is sent down 2 branches results in a tempo of 240, so using a logic pipe may introduce the effect that I’m after. Having said that a similar effect could be achieved using present pipes generating a note at clock divided intervals.

What is the effect you are after? :slight_smile: How would Logic pipe work to achieve it?

Thinking about it , currently a pipe doesn’t process 2 pipelines, but I was thinking if 2+ clock sig Were fed into a logic pipe, the resultant output could depend on the state of the pulses.

You could probably achieve something similar now using a MIDI loopback cable to send a CC to the Midihub whenever you wanted to toggle between pipes, and then learning that CC value to the Bypass on each pipe. I’ve done that manually in some patches to enable and disable different arp patterns on the same channel (and if I forget to disable one before enabling another it gets messy!)


Logic pipes would e.g. be useful for:

  • inverting the function of bypass checkboxes
  • Clock or event-divider
  • combining randomness and regular events (Play a note on every downbeat, play notes by chance in between downbeats)

My current use case would be:
I have a Akai midimix which comes with buttons and pots. The buttons can not be configured to toggle mode. You need to keep a button pressed learned to bypass a pipe. That’s pretty useless for live performance. A logic pipe could overcome this limitation of the Midimix.


Yes I agree, and the non-latching button behaviour of the Midimix is very annoying

Ok then here’s an idea , let’s say if a note on say ch1 AND a note on ch2 is received at a note on ch? is output.

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