If-this-then-that/toggle pipes?

I’m finding myself in a situation where I would like to implement a certain pipeline but only if another certain event is taking place (if this) or have taken place (toggle switch). As a concrete example (even though this isn’t specifically what I’m after), I would like CC 1 messages to be converted to CC 2 messages, but only if you’re currently playing F3. I’ve been poking around among the pipes but I guess that this isn’t possible today, or?

Edit: If this isn’t possible today, I plan on writing a feature request. I just wanted to make sure I haven’t missed something first.

Hi, I think this sort of functionality will become available once we implement a special output type, one used for mapping and controlling parameters of other pipes. Right now you may get around this by using a literal MIDI loopback through one of DIN-5 ports as @synthdad did in his videos, but mapping the parameters is not convenient enough yet. So this sort of feature is planned to be added in a future update.


Thanks for the answer. I’m looking forward to it. With this type of functionality, you would be able to program an absurd amount of functionality into a single patch and make the box function in totally different ways depending on, for example, if you’re pushing down your sustain pedal or not.