Toggle option for bypass

From the support thread about using something other than cc commands to bypass a pipe or pipe element.

“I’m wondering if it would make sense for the bypass to have both momentary and toggle modes. Then it would be possible to select “toggle” for the bypass function, and then turn it on with the first occurence of a note on/off, and then turn it off again on the next occurence, and so on.”

At least a couple of people, myself included, have adopted a beatstep because its pads have a toggle mode allowing you to directly link a pad in controller mode to the bypass function for a pipe. This is great for enabling and disabling pipes in the same way as you would for a guitar pedal (my natural environment).
However, there’s two cases where I think toggle mode might benefit users

  1. For those with different midi controllers without a latching switch set-up. For these uses, the need to maintain a cc value, or hold a note, if they wish to bypass a pipe for any length of time. This is tricky to do, especially live, and keen leave lots of hanging notes/ ccs in the system at the end if you don’t spcifically clean them up
  2. For a generative scenario, one could envisage pipes being enabled or disabled based on events happening in the unforlding music and, for this type of scenario, a toggled bypass mode would be easier to use because it will require only a brief event to be generated, rather than a cc/note state held for a long period of time, to make happen.

I hope I’m using the Feature request area appropriately,