Latching "Map" feature

I used the “Map” feature to control the overdub of the delay modifier. The mapping was done to a note from a keyboard. It worked flawlessly, but I noticed that it would be even better if the overdub stayed active until I press the key a second time, not only until I release the key.

Is this functionality already available under a different name? Or could it be implemented in a future release?

I believe Toggle option for bypass is a similar request.

I think the toggle option request would meet your requirements here.
There might be a workaround if you were to map a note to the function but then, in operation, you send a different note (say an octave below) filter for it, change its length to something long (like a bar or two) and then transpose it back to your mapped note’s value. I’ve never trying processing an event within the pipes prior to using them as a mapped control, though, so this might just be hokum.

I’m doing similar things in my set-up using a Beatstep to toggle bypass with CCs, and this ability to change state like this is proving essential to the workflow. For the price, it’s a quick and robust solution if you have the space and inclination :slight_smile: