Filter to target pipe, aka Y pipe

It seems that quite often one ends up having two essentially mirrored filters around the same thing, eg to isolate an external clock from input A you’d have something like:

A In: filter out clock -> Virt A for further processing
A In: filter everything but the clock -> Virt C for clean clock signal

In a simple case like this it’s not a big deal to keep the filter rules in sync, but with more complicated things like multiple CC ranges, it gets error prone, and consumes two pipes for a simple task. I think it’d be both more conventient and efficient in many ways if all the filter pipes had an argument to control what to do with the filtered part: discard (the current action), or route to a given pipe.

Or am I just missing something painfully obvious? :sweat_smile:

Yes, this is a real PITA if the set up beyond the most simple. I have to keep track of this & that and make sure this is subtracted from all the other streams but not that one. Today I had midi clock streaming out at 3 times the rate. Took a few minutes to figure out what I had done.