Boolean Logic operations?


I’m leaning more and more towards investing in a midihub for several reasons. Out of curiosity I’m wondering if there are any Boolean Logic Operation pipes. Tried to search here in this forum but didn’t find any clues…

Not at the moment, but we plan to add some new functionality to enable that in future firmware updates. :slight_smile: (though it can take a while)


Ok cool. I’m not in a hurry of needing that specific function or so.
It is one of the cool things in the Nord Modular G2, a demo freeware can be found here:

Midi functions/modules are unfortunately disabled in the demo.
But almost everything else works. So fiddling around with logic modules and/or all the other non-audio generating modules may inspire ideas for future pipes in the midihub…

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i am neck deep in boolean shit at school right now. being able to implement that sort of logic in some way could be fun.

Yeah. Big potential as well as a rabbit hole if things not working as expected. Might need that certain pipes are forced to process the input stream in a very specific order. I don’t know if you have that deep level of control in the midihub.

its just 0s and 1s though, so it would not be that big i would think. i am not sure what i would do with all that though really. i think i am more interested in what would be feeding the gates if that makes sense. still pondering that boolean shit tho :slight_smile:

Hi there! I just received my Midi Hub and very happy with it.
I’d need a bool operator though as I need to filter if a note off signal is valid or not (eg. overlapping a Note On)

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Hey, in theory, overlapping note ons and offs is allowed by the MIDI spec, as long as the total Note On and matching Note Off events is equal.

Are you trying to merge 2 keyboards to the same note range? Would you want a note to stay on, until it’s released on all keyboards? If so, a Note Ref Counter pipe would be more suited for this (not available yet). Otherwise, please elaborate on your use case. :slight_smile: