Is Patchbox "hot-pluggable"

Hello everybody,

If I unplug the power to the Raspberry PI 3b while running patchbox OS, when I plug it again to start the system the microSD doesn’t get read and the OS doesn’t start running.
Then I’d just have to remove the microSD and plug it into my laptop. That is enough to “restore” it and be finally read by the raspberry PI3 when I plug it back in.

Is this normal behaviour or am I supposed to shutdown before unplugging the power?
I know it may sound like a silly question, I’m planning to use PD headless as an effect processor and without display it’s a bit hard to know what’s happening!


The same would happen with other Raspberry Pi OSes - you should really shutdown the system properly. Pisound comes with a button that helps you do that (it shuts the system down if held down between 5-6 seconds). Otherwise, you should look into a DIY solution adding a GPIO button that could shut the system down, or turn it off via ssh or VNC remote options. :slight_smile:

p.s. another pro tip for SD card saving - always unplug the system from the electrical outlet first, as fiddling around with micro USB port cuts and restores the power in very brief periods, I’ve had multiple SD cards get corrupted before changing the habit. :slight_smile:

I see! thank you Giedrius. As for your second point, I couldn’t stand relying on the tiny microUSB connector for power so I ended up chopping the adapter end and soldering the +5 directly on the RB board before the fuse, can’t unplug now! hehe

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Just follow the lead… and unplug at the other end.