SD card corrupted twice now

How common is it for a Pi to corrept the SD card. It has happened twice now and I don’t know the cause. No magnets. No temp changes. Simply would let it run for long periods of time.


Always safely shutdown your system (wait for green LED to stop blinking) and always prefer unplugging the power supply from the outlet first (wait until red LED goes dark before unplugging the USB connector). Once I’ve made it a habit to unplug that way I haven’t since had any corruption occur on any of the SD cards I use.

I suggest adding an entry to the button.conf that will shut down the system. The script basically needs to call “sudo shutdown now”

it generally does not take long, but it preserves the SD card

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There’s a script available by default for shutting down - mapped to holding the Pisound’s button down between 5-7 seconds.