Hung Note with Midihub & Push 2

Seeking some assistance in troubleshooting an odd issue I am having with Midihub and Push 2 in Ableton.

When both of these devices are on, there is an immediate G1 Midi Note that is sent on and holds without a note off. It is consistently reproducible on my end even as I pull everything to its most basic use case. Details outlined below.

Midihub - Using single basic Pipe: FROM A (5 pin) > TO A (USB)
Physical Connections:

  • Push 2 - USB > Mac
  • Mac - USB > Clarett 4pre USB Audio Interface - MIDI 5 Pin > MidiHub (A - In)

I have configured a single Midi Track in Ableton DAW with a basic midi device.

When I power on Push 2, I can play with no issue.
When I power on Midihub, Immediately a G1 note begins and does not end.
On the Push 2, if I press any other notes (A3 for example), the G1 continues.
On the Push 2, if I press G1 note, the note will end appropriately.

I power cycle the devices and start them in different order:
Power on Midihub, no issues.
Power on Push 2, immediate G1 note.

Additional info
I have used Push 2 setup for over a year and not had this, introduced Midihub today.
I removed Push 2 and replaced with Akai MPK Mini Keyboard, cannot reproduce the issue.
When first noticed, my initial song in DAW had many MIDI tracks and instead of a single G1 - a very large array of notes were being flooded. I did not track details as I began pulling everything to single track to troubleshoot.

Hi, we’ll look into this. Is it Ableton 10? On what device is the note playing? Could you share the Ableton project with us that can reproduce the issue? Or at least how should the project be set up? The Ableton by default does not play MIDI notes, until you arm a MIDI track for recording, or turn on monitoring, so I think more details are needed so we can successfully reproduce the issue.

MidiHub Hung Note (22.6 KB)

Good call - actually while preparing this file I found the issue occurred with Push 2 not even plugged in at all this time. I’ve attached my project, there is 1 midi track with monitoring = on so I can immediately hear it. Push 2 is not in the picture and when I open the file, an immediate G1 note is heard. Will be interested if you can recreate this or not.

Ableton Suite 10.1.15
Mac (USB) > Clarett Pre4 (MIDI) > Midihub (A In)
Pipe: Midi A > USB A
Midihub HungNote Preset.mhp (395 Bytes)

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Also, unsurprisingly when I unplug the 5 pin midi from Interface and Midihub the loop is broken and issue goes away.

I’ve realized I dont need that connected since I can send DAW > USB Ports on Midihub. I’ve changed all my routing so they no longer send DAW > MIDI Out on IO. This removes one hop and takes care of the issue.

Still may be worth identifying root cause for resolution so I’ll be happy to retest in my previous configuration if that helps.

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Do you mean you open the Ableton project?

I tried to reproduce with using Roland Studio Capture’s MIDI output in place of Clarett Pre4, but the issue didn’t occur. I used Ableton Live 9, maybe I missed some step, I just put a synth instrument into a MIDI track and turned on MIDI monitor. Is there something set up in the project to use Clarett Pre4 as the MIDI output? (I can’t open Live 10 files, looks like I’ll have to upgrade sooner than I hoped :smiley: )