Dispatcher pipe "MIDI-crash"

So, wanted to report that I was just using Midihub with the Dispatcher pipe, using it to split notes on three channels (6, 7, 8) to feed my Digitakt. All went well, but suddenly when I was playing on my keyboard, MIDI didn’t go thru the Midihub anymore. I could see it in my DAW, but Digitakt didn’t get any notes. I was using MIDI-cable, not USB-MIDI. Switching Midihub’s power off and on fixed it.

Ok, I just managed to achieve the same hang-up. This time I was just feeding an arpeggio from my DAW into Midihub and from Midihub into Digitakt. It just suddenly stopped, no MIDI going thru. I’m again able to see Midihub in my DAW’s MIDI-devices list, but I just can’t get MIDI going thru it. If I turn off the power and back on: everything’s fine… for a while and then it happens again.

Hey, we’ll look into this, could you send us the .mhp of the preset you’re using? What is the OS of your PC that you use?

My OS is Windows 10 64bit Home. The DAWs I used while this happened: Cubase 10.5 and Maschine 2.
(Edit: just to clarify, I haven’t had any MIDI-issues with any of my hardware or software before.)

dispatcher_note_3_001.mhp (54 Bytes)

Hi, I’ve had the dispatcher pipe excercised for half a day, and it’s still going strong. :slight_smile:

Did you really had just the 3 pipes as you showed, or was the preset also using other inputs and outputs and processor pipes? It’s important, as the interplay with other pipes may actually be the cause of the issue.

Also is it mostly Note On / Off messages getting sent through the pipeline, or did you also send some messages like SysEx or other kinds?

Any way you could help use close in on the cause of the issue and help us reproduce it would really be helpful.

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Oh my… I feel so stupid now: that’s probably it! I’ve made one other pipe and stored it AND accidentially put it to fire MIDI out A instead of B… sigh… :smiley: I’ll modify the other pipe so, that it fires MIDI out B and I’ll report, if I’m able to repro it. Thanks for the help (and sorry for the possible false alarm)! Edit: I marked this as solved, as I’m 99% sure that was the reason.

Well let’s hope that’s it :slight_smile: If not, we’ll definitely get to the bottom of it!

Btw. just wanted to mention that I already used Midihub for my latest track I’m working on now. So damn awesome device! :slight_smile:


Let us know once it’s out! :slight_smile:

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