Hung notes or nothing at at all w/ Hermod Squarp

I have tried a few variations on some of the preset patches and the same issues keeps coming up were the sound either stops or is held for no reason. Any one have experience with these 2 devices?

Hey, what is the preset you’re using with Hermod Squarp?

By preset you mean squarp midi effects, none I turned them off

Hermond has 2 ways of midi i/o communication, usb host and midi DIN. You could try both and see if you get different results. I guess hermond OS has configuration options to set all ports at the same time. I do not own it but I have seen it in action.

I meant the preset on Midihub, we need more details on how you are using Midihub and how it ends up in an issue with Hermod Squarp. :slight_smile:

It’s the default major chord one just testing it out

It may produce overlapping note ons and note offs, this is what could be causing issues with some synths. This will be fixed in the next firmware update.

Ok awesome thanks! I’ll be waiting patiently.