Weird Hung Note/Sustain problem


So I’ve got an issue where all but the lowest 2 ‘F’ notes and all the black keys from the 5th octave up barring a few select ‘F#’ and ‘G#’ notes with ring out whenever I hit them and I’ve reduced my patch down to a straight connection between ‘midi in’ and ‘midi out’ and it will not go away.

I don’t even know how to diagnose my problem since it does it even when there is nothing but a midi in to midi out in my patch and it still does this. do I have a faulty unit or is there actually something I’ve done wrong in setting this all up?

Win or Mac?
You can post your preset… but if you say its just From MIDI PORT A > To MIDI Port A…

I’m using Windows and here’s a screenshot


Thanks, so… for more understanding;
What is connected FROM A …(keyboard?
and what connects TO A… (sound module?

Maudio Keystation 49 connected to Yamaha Reface CP

Just tested it with my roland d-05 and the problem doesn’t show up there… but a direct connection from my keyboard to the reface also eliminates the problem… so the problem isn’t the reface, though it seems to be uniquely affecting the reface

Thanks once more…
Maybe its the Maudio Keystation 49 missing sending a note off?
You could check with a MIDI Monitor? (not sure what to recommend in WIN, sorry)

I think I accidentally fixed it when i unplugged my reface to plug in my d-05 cause now that i’ve plugged my reface back in i can’t seem to replicate the error… which is odd cause I’ve powered the midihub off and on several times assuming that would have the same effect but that never fixed my problem… so i don’t even know what the problem was, but i guess it’s fixed now?

I’ll try throwing some effects in there and taking them out to see if it happens again.

MIDI OX :wink:

Could the MIDI cable you used be faulty itself or just had bad contact with the sockets?

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It’s a brand new cable so I hope it’s not the cable… how might i test that?

100% to be sure only with a “Cable tester”, try with another cable… besides that as recommend by @Giedrius, install MIDI OX and look at the arriving MIDI Messages.

K, so i got it to replicate the error. this was the patch that did it

I feel like it wasn’t until I threw the scaler in there that notes started to hang again…
once again when i bring everything back to midi in straight to midi out the problem persists
Power cycling both the midihub and the reface does solve the problem though this time

I opened up MIDI XO, have no idea how any of it works… I basically just use hardware, not really used to using the computer as my interface

post the actual file preset (Save as…) *.mhp, so the Dev’s can help track down :wink:

I’m too new to the site, it won’t let me attach the preset

yeah…implementation of Discourse…
Circumvent: post a link to the file (dropbox, google drive… similar services)

I’m not 100% sure, but i think this is the same problem I am having

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Sorry about the upload issue, I’ve updated the config to allow new users to post files.

You should now be able to attach the preset here.

The SC REMAP pipe might be the cause of this issue, we’ll fix it.

I think there’s another way to workaround this state - you could try making the Midihub’s button send ‘all notes off’ message (configure it in Device->Settings), then if you hold the button down for a second or so, it will send to the selected destination port an ‘all notes off’ MIDI messages to all 16 channels, it should make any stuck notes to be reset.

As for MIDI OX - you have to select which input and output MIDI devices should be opened in Options->MIDI Devices (if you get an error opening some device, usually that’s because it’s already open in some other software). Then in View->Port Routings you will see the open ports, you may make connections between the in and out ports to forward MIDI data between them. (very useful if you want to use USB MIDI controllers with Midihub, but the same should be possible to do in DAWs too)

The Output Monitor is always open in MIDI OX, and the input monitor can be opened via View->Input Monitor.

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While the SC Remap pipe is one reliable way I can cause this error to occur, I don’t think it’s strictly the SC remap pipe causing the problem as I have replicated this error using other pipelines, like this one for example Midihub 2020.06.25 16.40.11 (Preset 1).mhp (352 Bytes)

From my experimentation the problem seems to be that anytime I create a situation where two identical notes are triggered simultaneously, that note hangs until I reboot both the Midihub and the Yamaha Reface CP