Weird Hung Note/Sustain problem

Hey, Scale Remap pipe got fixed in 1.11.4 firmware, we’ll get the other cases where notes may overlap fixed too. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m having same hung note/sustain problem with delay pipe going from Digitakt midi out to other synths midi in, have tried with organelle and yamaha reface and same problem with both Midihub 2020.09.29 19.42.41 (Preset 3).mhp (206 Bytes) see preset attached.

Hi all, I had the same stuck notes problem with my Reface CP. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in the CP’s firmware because it doesn’t happen with other instruments. The stuck notes happened when using the Sustain pipe in front of the Apeggiator to hold patterns, then using a sustain pedal on a midi controller to let the notes overlap.

I was able to solve this my plugging my sustain pedal directly into the Reface CP instead of my controller. Another way to avoid the issue might be by bypassing the Sustain pipe when the Arpeggiator is off. Is there anyway to logically toggle parameters in a pipe? In other words could one bypass the Sustain pipe unless the Arp is on?

I just revisited this issue and discovered that using the chance pipe immediately after the arpeggiator pipe is causing stuck notes on my Reface CP. I’ve tried with and without using the sync flag inside of chance and get the stuck notes either way. Anyone have an experience with this or suggestions?

Hey, could you build a minimal preset that would demonstrate the issue and upload it here? :slight_smile:

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