Problem with SC REMAP

When I use the SC REMAP function, there’s the following problem: Most of the scales consist of less than 12 tones, i. e. pentatonic scales. Therefore some of the 12 keys of an octave play the same note. When I play legato notes on the keyboard, it might happen that I play two of those keys at the same time, that means the same note is sent twice. This causes various trouble, depending on whether the synth is monophonic or polyphonic. In these cases, Midihub should send a note off BEFORE sending the note on again.

Apart from that the Midihub is a KILLER APPLICATION!!! My setup has 38 pipelines and works stable and fast.


Hey, I’ve noted this down in our todo, we’ll see if we can get it fixed. :slight_smile:

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Problem solved in firmware 1.11.4
Thank you!

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