[Download] Midihub Firmware 1.11.4

Hey guys, here’s another small firmware update to version 1.11.4. Changes:

  • Overlapping notes on Scale Remap pipe fixed (Problem with SC REMAP).
  • Note Length pipe can now be used for situations where changing parameters cuts the notes off. For example changing transpose amount on Transpose pipe while notes are playing would immediately send all notes off. If Note Length is placed to the right of the Transpose pipe, then the notes would continue playing for the set duration. (don’t forget to provide clock messages to Note Length, is using it in synced mode). (Transpose without cutting off the notes)


1.11.4 Firmware Download

Upgrade Guide

During firmware upgrade, all memory contents are erased. You may want to optionally back it up to your computer:

  1. Connect to Midihub with the Editor
  2. Go to Device -> Export Everything…
  3. Save to a file on your computer.
  4. After firmware is updated using steps below, do Device->Import Everything… to get it back into memory.

To upgrade Midihub’s firmware:

  1. (don’t forget to back up the memory contents using steps above)
  2. Switch the power off.
  3. Press and hold the button, switch the power on while the button is still held.
  4. All of the LEDs should be lit now, release the button. If they’re not, go back to step 2.
  5. Connect to Midihub with the Editor.
  6. Go to Device->Flash Firmware
  7. Pick the new .bfw file
  8. Wait for the process to finish.
  9. Now the device will reboot into the new firmware.
  10. Connect with the Editor and use it as usual.You may now import the memory dump created earlier.

We’ll streamline the memory contents migration to the new firmware version in the next bigger editor update. :slight_smile:


Is it me or did the icons shrink in size in the GUI (Mac OS)?

Check your View->Zoom setting, the Editor didn’t change in this recently :slight_smile: