How to duplicate CC7 on one channel to several channels

I use an expression pedal on a midi controller to adjust the output level of Elektron Model:Cycles & Samples, but I need to control this level on each of the 6 tracks (unfortunately there is no global channel for this kind of global CC feature as panning and volume in Elektron concept) so I need to duplicate the CC7 generated by my midi controller to each track channel. Could it be done in MidiHub ?

Start with the Channnel Remap pipe:

A modifier pipe that remaps the Channel number of MIDI messages that carry Channel information from given input range to the desired output range. Any Channel messages that are outside of input range will get discarded. Using this pipe, you may route MIDI data based on the channel to other ports.

The incoming MIDI Channel messages with the channel number outside of the Input range will get discarded.

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You’ll have to create a couple of horizontal pipelines to get the messages duplicated, each pipeline setting the appropriate channel.

We plan to extend the Transform pipe in a future update to have parameters for setting the channel of the produced message - then a single Transform pipe could produce a single copy of the message for a different channel.


Thank you for answer, when could it be published ?

It might make it into the next update, it’s high in my todo priorities. :slight_smile: