Remap Channel Based on 2 events

Use Case: Map hi hat and foot pedal on a Drum Kit to a particular channel on a Drum Module.

Drum Kit sends:
CC Foot Pedal 0 + A#2 46 Hi Hat = Open Hat sound
CC Foot Pedal 100 + A#2 46 Hi Hat = Closed Hat sound

I need:

IF foot pedal value < 50 & A#2 is hit on Channel 10 of Drum Kit, trigger Channel 4 on Drum Module with velocity of A#2 hit. IF foot pedal value > 50…, trigger Channel 5 on Drum Module

Can Midihub do it?

Hey Vlad,

I think this could be done. Something like:

From MIDI A => CC Range (0-50) => MIDI Range (Drop In range unticked, 46[I think!]) => Dispatcher(Ch.4).

Then a separate pipeline with:

From MIDI A => CC Range (50-127) => Dispatcher(Ch. 5).

My logic could be a little off but…try that and see if it works!

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Thanks for your reply.

By “From MIDI A” do you mean A#2 (the note) and “CC Range” is range for Foot Pedal? Just want to be clear there are TWO completely separate MIDI signals that needs to be added: the right note value AND the right simultaneous Food Pedal value.

Yes, this can be done. We still have to add a filter value range pipe that works on the CC value or Note velocity, rather than CC number or note number, but in the mean time, this could be worked around by using Transform pipes to swap the data byes around as necessary to get the same function from the currently available range filter pipe.

It sounds like you might not own a MIDIHub yet, and are just checking out some possibilities…

You can download the MIDIHub Editor here (version 1.11.3), even without a MIDIHub, and use this to get used to the logic before committing to purchasing the hardware.

The terminology I was using was referring to some functions within the Editor software. Sorry for the confusion!

Sounds like Giedrius has a solution for you.