N00b question about one-to-many MIDI CC commands on MIDIHub

Had a hard time looking for an exact answer for this, so here’s the tl;dr: can MIDIHub receive on CC commands, let’s say CC 20 value 64, and trigger multiple similar commands to be sent out. e.g. CC 100 value 0, CC 50 value 128, and so on?

About a decade ago I had a really handy program called ControlAid that did this exact thing, however it was software only, and I can’t find an updated version that runs on newer versions of MacOS. Also the idea of having hardware that does this is incredible!

I’m a guitar player who uses a Rocktron All Access to send MIDI CC to a few Line 6 digital effects units, and two RJM MIDI-enabled switchers (one for pedals and one for amp channels). In the config I’m most comfortable with on the All Access, it can only send I think 5 MIDI CC at once with each footswitch, and it requires 10 other switches to be assigned to the MIDI actions needed, blah blah blah.

The goal here is to use the smallest MIDI pedal possible, like some sort of Tech21 device that has a low profile but almost no MIDI output options aside from Program Change and maybe one or two CC tops. I hope to take this “dumb” piece of equipment and make it much “smarter” with a device like this.

If this is possible PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!

Hey, this is possible, check out this video:

However it might take quite a few pipes to be placed in order to set up control of lots of parameters.

By the way, do you want to always send multiple ‘fixed’ (constant) CC values after some particular CC is inputted?

This is exactly what I’m looking for. Hooray! And yes, the idea is to have one CC with one fixed value trigger multiple different CCs with fixed values. I believe my Line 6 HX Effects lets you choose your own CC for on/off of certain effects blocks, and you can also do the same for certain parameters by choosing which one(s), giving them a MIDI CC, then setting some behavior for that parameter based on the value.

The MIDI pedals I’m looking at are super basic, generally the smaller ones only send a few program changes, and maybe one or two CC with the same press of a button. So the idea is to expand on this limited functionality with your product. It sounds like I can convert a single MIDI CC from this pedal to quite a few. Is this something I can build a mock-up of with the application to see the routing in action? Or does the hardware need to be present?

You may run the editor without the hardware connected. Only the MIDI mapping of parameters requires actual hardware - they are done via a MIDI learn type interface where the first CC that comes through the device is mapped to a parameter after mapping mode was enabled, and then it automatically goes back to normal mode.