Single CC Message Isolation per Pipeline Each With Unique CC values


It would be great to be able to have true isolation with the same CC message per pipeline. I’m interested in building a pressure points situation when hitting a note on a key board has 4 CC values assigned to it. So C1 has CC1-4, D1 has CC1-4, E! has CC1-4… all having the same CC message assigned. When striking a note, you can then dial in the four different CC values per step (with an external midi controller) keeping each step at its own unique value. Then pushing another step and setting a new set of values but retaining the old for the previous step.

Looking to be able to use the same CC message on multiple pipelines in an isolated manner so I can have different values stet for each step.

Pipeline 1 (Hitting note C1) - From A /Range Filter (C1)/Transform (Note to CC)/To A ----- would need for of these pipelines per step. (this would have CC1-4 isolated values set)

Pipeline 2 - (HItting note D1) - From A /Range Filter (D1)/Transform (Note to CC)/To A
would need for of these pipelines per step. (this would have CC1-4 isolated values set)

You could continue this for however many pressure points steps you want.

Thanks in advance for the insight!


To add to this idea,

Something that could be cool is a locking feature per pipeline. In the scenario above, once the cc value is chosen (per pipeline) it doesn’t need to change.


Curious as to what is the use case here??

Sorry, hard to explain. Trying to lay things out in an easy-to-digest manner. haha

If you’re at all familiar with the Make Noise Pressure Points module, that would be helpful in this convo.

That module has three rows of cv knobs (values) with three per step. When you touch the next step (with its own threes CV values) it will then output those voltages. So the three CV voltages in this case would be three cc numbers, say 1-3. It would be awesome to be able to hit a note an a midi controller, lets say C1, dial in your cc values (0-127) for cc 1-3 (that are mapped to a controller), then be able to hit the next note, D1, and dial in three new values (using the same cc numbers 1-3). As of now, if I have press C1 on the midi controller, set my cc values (which are mapped to a controller) and then press D1 and adjust for the new wanted cc values, it changes C1’s values since each pipeline isn’t isolated from one another.

I’m using this to ultimately convert cc to cv (out of an Expert Sleepers FH-2).

So in Midi Hub it would look something like this, this is for three messages (CC1-3) on two notes C1 and D1. Because each note uses the same CC messages, when changing the values of one note, that effects the other note since CC messaging is “global” in Midihub. Would be great if it were pipeline specific and isolated from one another. In this scenario a way around this could be a locking function. So once the CC value is dialed in, on one step, you could lock it and then move on.

I attached the preset. The first three are for note C1 and the last three are for D1.

Let me know how I can explain things better.

Pressure Points Example.mhp (366 Bytes)

Thanks for explanation!
Sometimes by going deeper into ideas, from a request by someone else, give results :wink:

Your preset example… got me again confused; is it incomplete? just a “sketch”?

Sorry about that. haha.

I guess to distill things down to its simplest form; I’m looking to be able to use one CC message, let’s say CC76, in multiple pipelines independent of one another. So when changing the value on one pipeline, the other pipeline values of that same CC76 stay the same.

Make sense?

When would CC76 get actually sent to the output?

USBA (port1) out of midihub into a DAW (Logic Pro) if I want to record those note (message) changes, then out an external midi track to the FH2.

Or I can route USBA (port1) through Bome Midi Translator directly to the FH2 Midi to CV module.

Make sense?

I’m still right :wink: (about brainstorming and pushing to get results)

I think using different MIDI channels easy no?
@nmihalevich can you use CC76 coming from different MIDI channels?

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I can only assign one midi channel per FH-2 output. I’m looking for that same CC message to change values from step to step (C1 to D1) on the same FH2 output.

Here’s an idea:

NotesToSameCC.mhp (154 Bytes)

Map the Argument 2 parameter to the same or different CC knob on some controller, and use C4 and D4 keys to trigger one or the other value.

Is this what you’re after? :slight_smile:


Interesting! This looks intriguing. However, I’m not able to open the file. It consistently crashes MidiHub.

Its working nicely here…
@nmihalevich versions are you in? firmware and editor?

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This preset is for this version: [Download] Midihub Editor 1.11.3 & Firmware 1.11.5

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Cool, got things updated, checking out the preset now!

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Still working through this preset. Discovering a new issue. Midi C3 is being struck on the midi controller and working properly (midi data making its way through port 1to FH2) when MidiHub has C4 defined… I then changed MidiHub to C3 and struck C2 on the controller and it worked as well. So its offset by an octave? I know this is seemingly unrelated but wanted to call it out. Working fine with the offset at the moment.

Eternal discussion over “middle C” is what C3 or C4 or even C5?

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Ha! I always thought it was a discussion between C1 and C4. Yamaha vs whomever else.

Gotta say, love the ingenuity here! So far using the same CC message (76) isn’t really cutting it since the FH-2 is summing upon arrival. I see how you’re using the ports to potentially keep the same message separate?

With that being said using two CC messages (76/77) is working well. Being sent through two ports (A/B), retaining different values and summing out the same output on the FH2!

I wish I understood the Data Source 1/2 and Argument 1/2 a bit better…


Wait, forgot the Argument is the CC number.