Sending multiple midi messages to separate channels upon receiving a midi message


Im new here so forgive if I don’t know the current lingo but I just wanted to know
whether the MidiHub can sending multiple specific midi messages to different channels upon one midi message.

eg. the midi hub receive a piano C3 and outputs a C3 from the piano Channel 1, C2 on the bass guitar on Channel 2 and so on etc.



Yes, this can be done, something like this:

OutputTo2Channels.mhp (137 Bytes)

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Thanks Gledrius

Yes, this confused me the other day. I thought that I would only need one CH remap with Out Low = 1 and Out High = 2.

Just a comment…

What channel remapping do you intend to do?

I was thinking of sending the same cc messages to both channel 1 and 2. I needed 2 CH remaps; one to channel 1 and another to channel 2.

Yes, in case you need it at multiple outputs, you have to use multiple remap pipes as well.

The remap with arguments in low: 1, in high:16, out low: 1, out high: 2 would actually remap messages on channels 1-8 to 1, and 9-16 to 2.