Equalizer with "Any Id?/Id"

I suppose this is part Feature Request, part Query:
Just started using Equalizer for CCs. (Very nice for non-linear 'ramps :grinning:)

I was rather surprised when it dawned on me that it has no property fields for Rescale type Any Id? Id pair.
Without that capability, I need to keep each Equalizer/ CC id in a separate pipeline.
(or shoehorn a few more with Transform CC>PolyAT et al :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…)

It looks like Equalizer has sufficient ‘free-bytes’ to be able to implement this.
(maybe even Transform’s Work with CC Number in Range Low|High Use CC Number combo)

@Giedrius, is this possible or is their some reason it needs to be left out?

Hey, yes this is possible, I’ve noticed there’s a couple of pipes that could be merged into a single pipe and be made more flexible, and have common features like the id/any id, for example CC Remap and Note Remap could both become a single kind of pipe, just different ‘kind’ or ‘type’ parameter. In that case though, I think it may be a good idea to still have CC Remap and Note Remap pipes with the kind pre-set in the Pipes pane, to save a few mouse clicks. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, Giedrius, I wonder whether some of those highly-general pipes might make it harder for some of us to clue in to their full functionality.
By way of example, there was a post of yours some months ago pointing out that Midihub could already do what the user was asking by using Transform’s Work with [id|value] in Range Low|High. That made me realise I hadn’t looked at Transform anywhere near close enough.
Only then did the penny drop about how much I could do with it.

Similarly, I’m glad you have both Channel Filter & Channel Range Filter cos of their different ‘mappability’

But definitely want that Equalizer enhancement!

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